2nd Open Season Starts on Pipeline Construction Project

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Tallgrass Pony Express Pipeline has commenced a second open season to offer potential shippers the option to make a commitment to a proposed extension and expansion of Pony Express’s system.

The open season, which ends Aug. 15, offers new capacity and transportation service on a proposed extension of the Pony Express system beginning at a new origin near Platteville, CO (and potentially another origin near Lucerne, CO) and ending at the Buckingham point, as well as possible expanded capacity on Pony Express’ existing pipeline system. The project will provide transportation service for petroleum meeting the condensate common stream criteria to be established by Pony Express.

This second open season results from a binding bid received by Pony Express during a separate open season between June 1 and July 17 that resulted in 30,000 bpd of binding commitments.

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