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Pipeline News (PLN)

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  • Pipeline News (PLN) is the total information source on pipeline construction projects worldwide
  • PLN is much more than a print magazine – PLN is your portal connecting you to a wealth of pipeline project information and construction news worldwide
  • PLN’s primary focus is to provide listings of oil & gas pipeline development and construction projects, worldwide, regularly updated and maintained
  • The objective is to provide the industry with an accurate, comprehensive, reliable source of information about oil & gas pipeline construction projects that are planned, in development and underway

The Pipeline News Brand

  • Pipeline News (PLN) is much more than a monthly magazine – PLN is your portal connecting you to a wealth of pipeline project information and construction news worldwide
  • The PLN  brand is comprised of a variety of coordinated media platforms and vehicles that serves as an overall information source for readers in the various format they prefer for access
  • Other PLN  brand platforms include: website, pipeline project listings, eNews, social media, and associated events
PLN Brand Focus
Infrastructure Segments Commodities Stakeholder Activity Brand Platforms
Pipeline – Interstate Natural Gas Engineering Magazine – print edition
Pipeline – Intrastate NGLs Construction Magazine – digital edition
Pipeline Facilities Crude Oil Products / Services / Equipment Pipeline Project Listings
Midstream / MLP Products Operations Website
Gathering & Processing Maintenance eNews
Storage Inspection Social Media
LDC/Utility/Distribution Rehabilitation Associated Events
Custom Advertising
Pipeline Information Resource Portal
  • PLN is a paid-subscription publication, with a circulation of over 2,000

Pipeline News (PLN) Magazine

  • Pipeline News (PLN) magazine, print edition, is the flagship media platform of the PLN brand
  • PLN is the total information source focused exclusively on pipeline project information and construction news, worldwide
  • PLN’s primary focus is to provide listings of oil & gas pipeline development and construction projects, worldwide, regularly updated and maintained
  • PLN is a monthly, paid subscription print edition magazine
  • PLN magazine is a paid-subscription publication, with a circulation of over 2,100

Columns & Issue Content

  • Project Listings – a compilation of over 300 pipeline projects, worldwide, regularly updated and maintained, providing the industry with an accurate, comprehensive, reliable source of information about oil & gas pipeline construction projects that are planned, in development and underway
  • Features – in-depth, full-feature articles on the latest industry developments and the newest technical innovations relevant to pipeline operations
  • Business News – corporate mergers and acquisitions, relocations, name changes and honors, as well as key personnel employment appointments and promotions, for oil and gas pipeline companies, construction contractors, and key equipment/product/service suppliers
  • Employment Opportunities – listing of employment opportunities in the oil and gas pipeline sector across North America – content that is actively utilized by our readership
  • Business Cards – listing of offerings available and contact information for key industry equipment/product/service suppliers
  • Events Calendar – a complete calendar of key seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other business meetings related to the pipeline and gas distribution utility business


  • Selected content from previously published magazine issues are archived and available to current subscribers on

PLN Pipeline Project Listings

  • Each month, the PLN magazine print edition lists over 300 oil & gas pipeline development and construction projects, worldwide
  • The compilation of project listings are organized into 3 Project Stages, and further delineated by Pipeline Type, and Geography
PLN Project Categories
Project Stage Pipeline Type Geography
Planned Projects – in development Natural Gas The Americas U.S.A
New Projects – recently awarded Crude Oil Canada
Ongoing Projects – construction underway Products Mexico
Offshore Caribbean, S. & Central America
Other International Africa
Asia Pacific
FSU & Eastern Europe
Middle East
Western Europe & EU Countries
  • Each project listing includes 10 categories of key information about the project
PLN Project Listing Detail
Listing: Listing title: latest update
Owner: Pipeline owner / operator
Project: Project/pipeline asset name
Type: Description of project
Miles: Length of pipeline
Location: Physical location of asset
Superintendent: Superintendent name
Start: Construction start date
Completion: Construction completion date
Comments: Other pertinent information
Example Listing
Spectra Energy – (8-16)
Owner:  Comision Federal de Electricidad
Project:  Nueces-to-Brownsville Pipeline
Type:  Project includes constructing and operating a header system
Miles:  168
Location:  Nueces County, TX – Brownsville, TX
Start: 7/16
Completion: 2018
Comments: The pipeline will connect with the Sur de Texas – Tuxpan Pipeline, which will extend in Mexico
 On a monthly basis, existing listings are updated when new information becomes available
  • As project status evolves over time, listing are moved into the next appropriate stage
  • Listings are discontinued once construction has been completed
  • An online version of the amalgamated project listings is available via the PLN website
  • See more at

Pipeline Information Portal

  • PLN’s affiliated publication Pipeline & Gas Journal (P&GJ) is the recognized authority on pipeline operations worldwide
  • P&GJ serves as a vital information source for news, developments, education, analysis, new technology, research reports, events, products / services / equipment, etc.
  • Through its Pipeline Information Resource Portal, PLN makes all the additional pipeline industry related resources of P&GJ available to its readership, including:

Pipeline Information Portal

  • News
  • Special Reports
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • White papers
  • Webcasts
  • Industry Events
  • Associations
  • Sponsored Content


  • PLN magazine is a 100% paid-subscription publication, with a circulation of over 2,100

Subscriber Demographics

  • 100% of PLN’s subscribers are involved in the oil and gas pipeline industry, focused on development and construction of pipeline infrastructure
  • Subscribers include pipeline owner/operators, as well as key supply chain providers including contractors & service providers, product/equipment providers
  • Include pie chart

Editorial Content

  • Pipeline News (PLN) has consistently renewed its commitment to providing the highest quality editorial product in the market
  • In addition to its own dedicated staff, PLN is able to draw upon the resources of its affiliated publications Pipeline & Gas Journal and Underground Construction which are all owned by Oildom Publishing Company
  • As a result, PLN maintains the most experienced, highest quality editorial staff in the industry, with over 100 years of collective experience in the industry
  • Content sourced for PLN and its affiliated publications is filtered down to only the news and information specifically relevant to oil and gas pipeline construction projects
  • Attending, speaking and exhibiting at over 25 industry meetings annually, allows editorial staff to uncover news; spot industry developments; discover new technologies; identify key players and develop relationships


  • Kate Permenter, Editor – 5+ years of journalism experience
  • Jeff Awalt, Executive Editor
  • Jeff Share, Editorial Adviser – Editorial award recipient; over 40 years of journalism experience; 20 as Editor of PGJ
  • Robert Carpenter, Editorial Adviser – over 40 years of media experience including 25 with Underground Construction, an active participant with numerous industry associations and a sought-after speaker
  • Cleve Hogarth, Publisher – over 35 years of energy industry experience, including pipeline infrastructure construction and operations, and gas marketing

Sales Staff

U.S.A. – S.W., MW – Canada Jim Donnelly 972.437.9557
U.S.A. – Northeast Denis O’Malley 203.356.9695
U.S.A. – Southeast Doug Fix 770.740.2078
U.S.A. – West Coast Mike Lance 805.620.0586
U.S.A. – Mid Central Donna Harbacek 417.559.3207
U.K., Scandinavia Michael Brown
Western Europe Hamilton Pearman
Italy, Eastern Europe Fabio Potesta 3339/010/5704948
Africa, Middle East, India Tanya Mbaluli
General Advertising Sales Inquiries 281.558.6930


  • Through various iterations and predecessor publications, Pipeline News (PLN) has been tracking oil and gas pipeline projects for over 75 years
  • Today, PLN remains the premier publication solely focused on pipeline project reporting

Oildom Publishing

  • Pipeline News (PLN) is a publication of Gulf Publishing Company (Gulf)
  • In addition to Pipeline News, Gulf  also produces the following publications:
    • Pipeline & Gas Journal magazine (P&GJ)
    • Pipeline Opportunities Conference (PLOC)
    • Underground Construction magazine (UC)
    • Underground Construction Technology International Conference & Exhibition (UCT)
  • Gulf also produces a variety of client-specific publications including trade association directories, sponsored content, etc.
  • See more information at