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Pipeline News (PLN)

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  • Pipeline News (PLN) is the total information source on pipeline construction projects worldwide
  • PLN is much more than a print magazine – PLN is your portal connecting you to a wealth of pipeline project information and construction news worldwide
  • PLN’s primary focus is to provide listings of oil & gas pipeline development and construction projects, worldwide, regularly updated and maintained
  • The objective is to provide the industry with an accurate, comprehensive, reliable source of information about oil & gas pipeline construction projects that are planned, in development and underway

The Pipeline News Brand

  • Pipeline News (PLN) is much more than a monthly magazine – PLN is your portal connecting you to a wealth of pipeline project information and construction news worldwide
  • The PLN  brand is comprised of a variety of coordinated media platforms and vehicles that serves as an overall information source for readers in the various format they prefer for access
  • Other PLN  brand platforms include: website, pipeline project listings, eNews, social media, and associated events
PLN Brand Focus
Infrastructure Segments Commodities Stakeholder Activity Brand Platforms
Pipeline – Interstate Natural Gas Engineering Magazine – print edition
Pipeline – Intrastate NGLs Construction Magazine – digital edition
Pipeline Facilities Crude Oil Products / Services / Equipment Pipeline Project Listings
Midstream / MLP Products Operations Website
Gathering & Processing Maintenance eNews
Storage Inspection Social Media
LDC/Utility/Distribution Rehabilitation Associated Events
Custom Advertising
Pipeline Information Resource Portal
  • PLN is a paid-subscription publication, with a circulation of over 2,000

Pipeline News (PLN) Magazine

  • Pipeline News (PLN) magazine, print edition, is the flagship media platform of the PLN brand
  • PLN is the total information source focused exclusively on pipeline project information and construction news, worldwide
  • PLN’s primary focus is to provide listings of oil & gas pipeline development and construction projects, worldwide, regularly updated and maintained
  • PLN is a monthly, paid subscription print edition magazine
  • PLN magazine is a paid-subscription publication, with a circulation of over 2,100

Columns & Issue Content

  • Project Listings – a compilation of over 300 pipeline projects, worldwide, regularly updated and maintained, providing the industry with an accurate, comprehensive, reliable source of information about oil & gas pipeline construction projects that are planned, in development and underway
  • Features – in-depth, full-feature articles on the latest industry developments and the newest technical innovations relevant to pipeline operations
  • Business News – corporate mergers and acquisitions, relocations, name changes and honors, as well as key personnel employment appointments and promotions, for oil and gas pipeline companies, construction contractors, and key equipment/product/service suppliers
  • Employment Opportunities – listing of employment opportunities in the oil and gas pipeline sector across North America – content that is actively utilized by our readership
  • Business Cards – listing of offerings available and contact information for key industry equipment/product/service suppliers
  • Events Calendar – a complete calendar of key seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other business meetings related to the pipeline and gas distribution utility business


  • Selected content from previously published magazine issues are archived and available to current subscribers on

PLN Pipeline Project Listings

  • Each month, the PLN magazine print edition lists over 300 oil & gas pipeline development and construction projects, worldwide
  • The compilation of project listings are organized into 3 Project Stages, and further delineated by Pipeline Type, and Geography
PLN Project Categories
Project Stage Pipeline Type Geography
Planned Projects – in development Natural Gas The Americas U.S.A
New Projects – recently awarded Crude Oil Canada
Ongoing Projects – construction underway Products Mexico
Offshore Caribbean, S. & Central America
Other International Africa
Asia Pacific
FSU & Eastern Europe
Middle East
Western Europe & EU Countries
  • Each project listing includes 10 categories of key information about the project
PLN Project Listing Detail
Listing: Listing title: latest update
Owner: Pipeline owner / operator
Project: Project/pipeline asset name
Type: Description of project
Miles: Length of pipeline
Location: Physical location of asset
Superintendent: Superintendent name
Start: Construction start date
Completion: Construction completion date
Comments: Other pertinent information
Example Listing
Spectra Energy – (8-16)
Owner:  Comision Federal de Electricidad
Project:  Nueces-to-Brownsville Pipeline
Type:  Project includes constructing and operating a header system
Miles:  168
Location:  Nueces County, TX – Brownsville, TX
Start: 7/16
Completion: 2018
Comments: The pipeline will connect with the Sur de Texas – Tuxpan Pipeline, which will extend in Mexico
 On a monthly basis, existing listings are updated when new information becomes available
  • As project status evolves over time, listing are moved into the next appropriate stage
  • Listings are discontinued once construction has been completed
  • An online version of the amalgamated project listings is available via the PLN website
  • See more at

Pipeline Information Portal

  • PLN’s affiliated publication Pipeline & Gas Journal (P&GJ) is the recognized authority on pipeline operations worldwide
  • P&GJ serves as a vital information source for news, developments, education, analysis, new technology, research reports, events, products / services / equipment, etc.
  • Through its Pipeline Information Resource Portal, PLN makes all the additional pipeline industry related resources of P&GJ available to its readership, including:

Pipeline Information Portal

  • News
  • Special Reports
  • Buyer’s Guide
  • White papers
  • Webcasts
  • Industry Events
  • Associations
  • Sponsored Content


  • PLN magazine is a 100% paid-subscription publication, with a circulation of over 2,100

Subscriber Demographics

  • 100% of PLN’s subscribers are involved in the oil and gas pipeline industry, focused on development and construction of pipeline infrastructure
  • Subscribers include pipeline owner/operators, as well as key supply chain providers including contractors & service providers, product/equipment providers
  • Include pie chart

Editorial Content

  • Pipeline News (PLN) has consistently renewed its commitment to providing the highest quality editorial product in the market
  • In addition to its own dedicated staff, PLN is able to draw upon the resources of its affiliated publications Pipeline & Gas Journal and Underground Construction which are all owned by Oildom Publishing Company
  • As a result, PLN maintains the most experienced, highest quality editorial staff in the industry, with over 100 years of collective experience in the industry
  • Content sourced for PLN and its affiliated publications is filtered down to only the news and information specifically relevant to oil and gas pipeline construction projects
  • Attending, speaking and exhibiting at over 25 industry meetings annually, allows editorial staff to uncover news; spot industry developments; discover new technologies; identify key players and develop relationships


  • Kate Permenter, Editor – 5+ years of journalism experience
  • Jeff Awalt, Executive Editor – over 30 years of media experience
  • Robert Carpenter, Editorial Adviser – over 40 years of media experience including 25 with Underground Construction, an active participant with numerous industry associations and a sought-after speaker
  • Brian Nessen, Publisher – over 25 years of experience in business-to-business media, including Oil & Gas, Chemical Processing and Power Generation markets

Sales Staff

U.S.A. – S.W., MW – Canada Jim Donnelly 972.437.9557
U.S.A. – Northeast Denis O’Malley 203.356.9695
U.S.A. – Southeast Doug Fix 770.740.2078
U.S.A. – West Coast Mike Lance 805.620.0586
U.S.A. – Mid Central Donna Harbacek 417.559.3207
U.K., Scandinavia Michael Brown
Western Europe Hamilton Pearman +33 608 310 575
Italy, Eastern Europe Fabio Potesta +39 (010) 570-4948
Africa, Middle East, India Tanya Mbaluli +254 722 376 972
General Advertising Sales Inquiries 281.558.6930


  • Through various iterations and predecessor publications, Pipeline News (PLN) has been tracking oil and gas pipeline projects for over 75 years
  • Today, PLN remains the premier publication solely focused on pipeline project reporting

Ownership and Related Publications and Products

Pipeline News is produced by Gulf Energy Information

Gulf Energy Information provides in-depth insights, technical content and strategic direction to the international energy industry.

Gulf’s market-leading brandsPetroleum EconomistWorld OilPipeline & Gas JournalGas Processing & LNGPipeline News, and Underground Construction—serve their markets with traditional print publications as well as digital media that leverage large audiences.

Moreover, Gulf also provides market intelligence solutions to the international energy industry through the Energy Web Atlas (EWA) and the Construction Boxscore Database.