Access Northeast, Iroquois Team Up For New England Gas Supply

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Spectra Energy Corp., Spectra Energy Partners and Northeast Utilities announced their Access Northeast Project has formed an alliance with Iroquois Gas Transmission System LP to provide New England with additional access to abundant, low cost natural gas supplies.
  Collaboration with regional natural gas asset owners is a key objective for Access Northeast, which was announced in September to help address New England’s growing concerns about energy reliability and rising electric and natural gas prices. Access Northeast will move natural gas sourced from the Appalachian Basin into New England by maximizing the use of existing infrastructure on existing footprints while minimizing impacts to homes, communities and the environment.
  Access Northeast’s alliance with Iroquois will provide shippers with access to natural gas supplies from multiple, diverse receipt points. During the project’s open season for transportation service, shippers will be able to select from multiple receipt point options along the Algonquin pipeline system, including the Iroquois pipeline system at Wright, NY. Additionally, shippers will have the opportunity to choose from Algonquin’s diverse receipt points with other existing interconnecting pipelines: Texas Eastern, Millennium, Tennessee Gas Pipeline, Columbia Gas, and Transco; as well as future connections like the PennEast Project that will connect directly to Marcellus Shale production in northeast Pennsylvania. Spectra Energy recently became a partner in the development of the PennEast Pipeline.
  Access Northeast has an anticipated in-service date of November 2018.