American Augers Joins CMW® Family

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The Charles Machine Works, Inc. formally welcomed American Augers’ employees into the CMW® family of companies at the celebration held December 3, 2012 at the West Salem, OH facilities. Rick Johnson, CMW’s COO, presented the opening remarks and introduced Tiffany Sewell-Howard, CMW’s CEO. Sewell-Howard announced that David Hammond, formerly vice president of Operations, would lead American Augers as general manager.
  On November 1, it was announced that CMW entered into a formal agreement with Astec Industries Inc. to purchase American Augers and certain Trencor® products for a cash purchase price of $55 million. This acquisition was to be finalized before the end of the year.
  “For the past several years, we’ve focused on our vision of becoming the CMW family of companies, the authority in the underground construction business. This addition is a great step toward that vision,” explains Sewell-Howard.
  “The addition of American Augers and Trencor product lines,” Sewell-Howard explained, “expands CMW’s presence in the underground construction industry by providing additional capabilities for installing underground pipe and cable and entry into new markets.”
  The American Augers product line includes seven horizontal directional drilling models ranging from 60,000 to 1.1 million pounds of pullback, seven sizes of auger boring machines, five fluid mixing systems, and downhole tools and accessories. Trencor products include six heavy-duty rock trenchers ranging from 250 to 1,600 horsepower with trenching capabilities to depths from eight to 35 feet. American Augers vertical drills (GEFCO) and Trencor road milling equipment were not part of the CMW acquisition.
  American Augers and Trencor will operate as a separate entity, yet leverage the synergies of the entire CMW family of companies.