Bayou Companies Wins $27.6 Million Contract

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The Bayou Companies, Inc., a subsidiary of Insituform Technologies, Inc., was awarded a $27.6 million contract with ILVA S.p.A. for pipe coating, welding and logistical support services. ILVA is manufacturing and transporting pipe for installation on the Fayetteville Express Pipeline, a natural gas pipeline joint venture between Kinder Morgan Energy Partners, L.P. and Energy Transfer Partners, L.P.

Bayou’s work on the project will include the coating and double joint welding of approximately 185 miles of 42-inch pipe. Bayou will coat the pipe using internal flow efficiency and external fusion bonded epoxy processes. The internal flow efficiency process improves the flow of gas through the pipeline by creating a smooth, defect-free surface. The fusion bonded epoxy coating process is an environmentally safe cathodic protection technique used to inhibit corrosion of the pipeline.

Bayou will also provide logistical support to ILVA in connection with the shipping and transport of the finished pipe to certain project sites. The Fayetteville Express pipeline will originate in Conway County, AR, and terminate at an interconnect with Trunkline Gas Company in Panola County, MS.  Bayou anticipates completing the work by March 2010.