Bridger To Build 77-Mile Crude Line

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Although the contractor that will build a 77-mile crude oil pipeline for Bridger Pipeline LLC in North Dakota has not yet been announced, construction was slated to commence in the first week of October on the project that recently received approval from the state Public Service Commission.
  Bridger Pipeline received the approval from the PSC to construct Four Bears Pipeline, a 12-inch steel pipeline system capable of handling 60,000 bpd with the possibility of moving 110,000 bpd. 
  The planned route of the line begins about 15 miles west of the Four Bears Bridge in McKenzie County, just north of state Highway 23. The southern end of the line will then connect into Bridger’s existing Heart River Pipeline at Skunk Hill Junction, located about 12 miles northeast of Belfield.
  The pipeline will receive oil at a location 15 miles west of New Town and pump it south toward Skunk Hill Junction, an existing junction between the Little Missouri Pipeline and the Belle Fourche Pipeline about 10 miles northwest of Dickinson.
Plans also call for two truck unloading facilities. Gathering facilities would be attached to the pipeline, including the opportunity to tie into TransCanada Corp.’s Keystone XL pipeline.
  The project, which carries a $29 million price tag, is expected to begin operations by the end of March.