Canadian Pipeline Construction Project Hearing Begins

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Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) will hear oral cross-examination starting today, Nov. 8, on an application from TransCanada to abandon a 266-kilometer section of its Peace River Mainline. The hearing began at 9 a.m. at the NEB’s Hearing Room in Calgary, and is open to the public.

The company applied to the NEB on Aug. 18, 2016 to abandon parts of the Peace River Mainline in northwestern Alberta. The company proposes to remove a nine-kilometer section of the pipeline on Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation Reserve Land. If this application is approved, TransCanada would abandon the remaining pipeline segments in place. This is the largest application to abandon a facility that has ever been considered by the NEB.

The NEB received four applications to participate and granted participation rights to everyone who applied. All of the intervenors have indicated that they do not intend to cross-examine TransCanada.

The hearing is scheduled to run until Thursday. Those unable to attend the hearing in person can access both a live audio feed and a daily transcript at

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