Canadian Pipeline Construction Project Hearing Scheduled

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Canada’s National Energy Board has announced it will hold a route realignment hearing in Chilliwack, BC in early 2018 to review Kinder Morgan’s proposal to relocate nearly two kilometers of the previously approved general pipeline corridor within the city.

If approved, the Chilliwack BC Hydro Route Realignment (Chilliwack Realignment) would vary the approved general pipeline corridor of the Trans Mountain Expansion Project by relocating it to within the existing Trans Mountain pipeline right of way.

When Canada’s federal government approved the Trans Mountain Expansion Project in November 2016, the resulting certificate included a general pipeline corridor from Edmonton through to Burnaby, B.C. Under section 21 of the National Energy Board Act, Kinder Morgan may apply for a variation to the previously-approved general pipeline corridor.

In total, Kinder Morgan filed seven proposed route variances along the entire general pipeline corridor.  The Chilliwack Realignment hearing will examine the proposed alternative route, including the potential environmental and socio-economic impacts of the realignment.

Applications to participate are available now on the NEB’s website. The deadline to apply to participate is September 21, 2017.

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