Canadian Regulators: TransCanada Can Abandon Peace River Mainline

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Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) has approved TransCanada’s request to abandon a 266-kilometer section of its Peace River Mainline. The NEB attached 22 conditions to its approval.

TransCanada first applied to the NEB on Aug. 18, 2016 to abandon parts of the Peace River Mainline in Northwestern Alberta. The company will remove a nine-kilometer section of the pipeline on Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation Reserve Land and abandon the remaining pipeline segments in place. This was the largest proposal to abandon a facility ever considered by the NEB. TransCanada indicated in its application that this section of the pipeline is no longer needed and that customers would continue to receive service through other pipelines on NGTL’s Alberta system.

The NEB’s hearing included both written and oral evidence. Five groups and individuals applied to participate in the proceedings and the NEB granted participation rights to evndeeryone who applied. The NEB also provided nearly $160,000 in funding to support meaningful participation in the hearing process.

Under the terms of the order, TransCanada is liable and accountable for monitoring and maintaining the pipeline in a safe and environmentally sound manner for as long as it remains in the ground.

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