City Utilities Of Springfield’s Gas House Gorillas And Piedmont Natural Gas’ Insane Methane Win 2011 National Gas Rodeo

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MEA and the National Gas Rodeo announced that the two-person team, Gas House Gorillas, from City Utilities of Springfield, MO and the four-person team, Insane Methane, from Piedmont Natural Gas North Carolina, are the 2011 National Gas Rodeo champions.
  This is Insane Methane’s third win in a row and their last. The team is retiring from the field and will put their efforts into coaching other Piedmont Natural Gas Teams. “Our mind set over the last 3 years has simply been to treat this competition as a marathon and not a sprint. While we were fortunate enough to capture the grand prize we weren’t always as good as other teams on particular events. If we made a mistake, through being seasoned in competition, we knew not to panic and just simply move on to the next event,” says Jason Hill, team captain. “With that said, none of this would have been possible without an outpouring of support from our senior leadership and coworkers at Piedmont Natural Gas. Their support has been phenomenal and greatly appreciated by each of our team members. The camaraderie and fellowship of this competition is what has made this a special event in each of our hearts.”

  Champion Team Rosters:
Gas House Gorillas: Adam Joy, Dana Underwood, and alternate, Steve Holt.
Insane Methane: Jason Hill, John Bishop, Terry Marcum, Jason Brown, and alternate, Tom Pressley.

  2nd Place:
2-Person, Outlaws from Alagasco (AL)
4-Person, Gas House Gorillas from City Utilities of Springfield (MO)

  3rd Place:
2-Person, Mayhem from Alagasco (AL)
4-Person, Laclede Rodeo Clowns from Laclede Gas (MO).
  For the third year in a row Piedmont Natural Gas’, team Insane Methane broke the Hand Dig record for speed, completing the event in 25.01 seconds.
  Rich Muench from Xcel Energy (Colorado) was honored at the reception with the Trail Boss Award for exemplary service, leadership and contribution to the National Gas Rodeo.
  The National Gas Rodeo would like to thank premier sponsors, Case Construction and Val-Tex, committee members and volunteers without whom we could not do this. Great Crews Just Don’t Happen!
Mark Your Calendars: The 18th Annual National Gas Rodeo will take place on Saturday, September 15th at Moody Park (Longacre), Fairview Heights, IL – home of the National Gas Rodeo. For more information go to or call Janelle Murphy at (651) 289-9600 x109.