Columbia Gas’ Line WB2VA Integrity Project Receives FERC Approval

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FERC has approved Columbia Gas Transmission’s request to begin construction of all remaining project areas for the Line WB2VA Integrity Project.

“We have determined that Columbia’s Implementation Plan filed on March 25, 2016, and supplemental filing dated November 16, 2016, included the information necessary to meet the pre-construction conditions in the Commission’s March 24, 2016 Order Issuing Certificate (Order) issued in Docket No. CP15-150-000,” Ellen Saint Onge, project manager for FERC, said. “In addition, the variances are in accordance with Environmental Condition 5 of the Order, and we have confirmed the receipt of all federal authorizations relevant to the work activities approved.”

In addition, the agency granted Columbia Gas’ request for additional temporary workspaces at the following locations:

Lost River Compressor Station

Hardy, West Virginia

11.6-acre ATWS (north) 0.4-acre ATWS (south)

Smith Creek Receiver

Rockingham Virginia

0.1-acre ATWS (southwest)
0.1-acre ATWS, including access road (northeast)

Grove Hill Launcher

Page, Virginia

1.2-mile-long access road 0.1-acre ATWS

Swift Run Crossover

Greene, Virginia

modified access road


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