Connected Worker Solution Enables Pipeline Operators to Better Track Workers

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Rice Electronics has launched the Connected Worker Solution with Intel® IoT technology. Designed to improve the safety and productivity of field workers in oil and gas environments, the end-to-end IoT solution using Rice Electronics smart devices along with Intel-based IoT gateways provides robust communication, near-real-time insight based on holistic analytics, and ease of use to support, protect, and optimize workloads.

Data is aggregated from various Rice Electronics’ smart devices across an entire work site and forwarded to the cloud via an Intel Atom® processor-based gateway. The gateway also filters data based on defined rules and conducts local edge analytics and visualization using Intel software. The solution also supports multiple connectivity protocols, including Wi-Fi and 3G.

“The Connected Worker Solution was initially developed for clients that wanted to monitor the safety of their teams working in hazardous environments,” said Jason Celaya, vice president of IoT for Rice Electronics. “Collaborating with Intel and integrating their IoT technology has allowed us to enhance the Connected Worker Solution to interact and collect sensory data at the edge while improving safety in the workplace, in a simple and easy to use kit.”


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