Construction contract awarded for European Gas Pipeline

October 2018

Gascade, a subsidiary of BASF and Gazprom, has awarded a construction contract for six lots of the European Gas Pipeline (EUGAL) to the joint venture between Bonatti and Max Streicher. The pipeline will be powered by the Nord Stream 2, the gas transport network that connects Siberia to the heart of Europe via the Baltic Sea.

The EUGAL route will cover 300 miles and have a capacity of 55 Bcm annually. The 56-inch pipeline is divided into 14 lots. The scope of the work awarded to the joint venture includes the construction of the southern part of the EUGAL route, reaching the town of Deutschneudorf, Germany, on the border with the Czech Republic.

The EUGAL will run parallel to the OPAL Gas Pipeline and enhance the distribution of gas in the heart of the European Continent. Delivery on the double line sections is expected by the end of 2020.

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