CRC-Evans Celebrates 75th Year

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Houston-based CRC-Evans, a global provider of pipeline equipment and services, recently celebrated its 75th anniversary by honoring those who built the pipeline industry.
  In print ads and an exclusive commemorative book, historical photos of the industry captured in the last 75 years showcased the dedication of pioneering pipeliners who built the infrastructure upon which CRC-Evans has achieved its success and longevity.
  “As we commemorate our 75th year, we want to also honor the industry,” said Paul Evans, chairman of CRC-Evans. “If it were not for the hard work, tenacity and perseverance of pipeliners who had such foresight, we wouldn’t have the foundation and framework in place today to continue to deliver our equipment and technology solutions into the marketplace.”
  From the pits of the depression era to the heights of today’s global, fast-paced pipeline construction growth, CRC-Evans has been an integral part of a global industry that has experienced challenges and triumphs throughout the years.
  “Because we’ve been so involved in the major industry developments of the past 75 years, we’ve been able to collect an archive of dynamic photos that capture the spirit of the industry,” said Tim Carey, CRC-Evans chief executive officer. “We felt the anniversary was an opportunity to archive our shared history as well as share those memories with our friends in the industry.”
  Since 1933, CRC-Evans and its predecessor companies have supported the industry’s pioneers and leaders by developing much of the pipeline construction equipment used to build the world’s pipelines. With a rich history entrenched in innovation, CRC-Evans has continuously sought to improve processes through its technology and equipment.
  From the beginning, necessity was the mother of invention” as one of the company’s forefathers, Jim Cummings, a simple farmer from Morrowville, KS, who developed a bulldozer attachment for his Ford tractor said after observing the conventional way of backfilling at a nearby pipeline construction site.
  From the introduction of the first coat and wrap machine in 1934 to the development of fully digital automated pipeline welding systems in 2007, CRC-Evans has supported the industry’s progression for three quarters of a century.
  Today, CRC-Evans International provides the industry with comprehensive services as they manufacture bending and padding equipment, automatic welding systems, weighting systems, field joint coating, heat treatment, inspection services, pipeline equipment, pipe coating, and lay barge equipment.
  “We are extremely honored to have been able to serve the pipeline industry for these 75 years, and we look forward to continuing our tradition of innovation in honor of those pipeliners who have built this industry,” said Evans.
  In September, the first commemorative ads featuring industry photos from the last 75 years were released in pipeline and oil and gas magazines. The commemorative, historical coffee table book was published in December 2008 as an exclusive gift to friends of CRC-Evans.