Crimson Pipeline Celebrates 10 Years of Growth and Operations

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2015 marks the 10th anniversary of operations for Crimson Pipeline. Crimson began as a small startup pipeline company with 300 miles of pipeline and eight employees determined to achieve growth. During the last 10 years, Crimson has transitioned into an industry leader operating approximately 1,400 miles of pipeline across two states.
  “We attribute our successful decade of growth and operations to our intelligent and nimble workforce. We’ve built the right team, able to identify smart strategic investments and grasp those opportunities as they arise,” said Larry Alexander, president of Crimson Pipeline.
  Crimson’s leadership has dedicated the last 10 years to investing in strategic pipeline acquisitions that are synergistic with existing operations and customer needs. The company has acquired more assets every year since it began operating in 2005. Through the continued integration of acquisitions, Crimson quadrupled the reach of its vast pipeline network and expanded across two states, acquiring assets in Louisiana in 2012. Most recently, Crimson acquired assets from ExxonMobil Pipeline Co., adding 220 miles of pipeline to the company’s Louisiana pipeline network.