Digital Control’s New Generation Locating System

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Digital Control Inc. has introduced the DigiTrak F2 , the first 3-dimensional field view directional drilling locating system with a single button user interface and graphically driven menu.  The system consists of a handheld receiver, a transmitter, a remote display, a battery charger and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries to power the receiver and remote display.
  The F2’s active display enables DCI’s exclusive look-ahead® capability with target-in-the-box® locating for Intuitive® transmitter tracking in a view similar to the DigiTrak® Eclipse® locating system. This field view with the F2’s new design and graphic menu interface offers both performance and stylish simplicity.
  In addition to the basic locating capabilities of directional tracking and depth, the DigiTrak® F2 includes the advanced features of Off-Trak locating and Target Steering® to easily and accurately navigate the drill even when obstacles prevent tracking over the drill head.
  The enhanced target steering function on the F2 menu allows the operator to place the F2 receiver in front of the drill head along the bore path and to use a target on the remote display to steer.  The operator can actually see, in real time, the distance and depth of the transmitter relative to the box.
  The high degree of accuracy for DCI’s DigiTrak systems is due to the company’s unique 3-D antenna configuration.  A real-time, bird’s-eye view provides operators with critical on-the-fly steering ability and directly contributes to on-the-job productivity and money-saving opportunities.
  The F2, with its 4-channel radio, enables multiple F2 locators to be in the same vicinity and work up to distances of 2,000 feet.  This telemetry range makes the F2 suitable for even the maxi rigs used in today’s market.  Additionally, the F2 depth capability of 85 feet enhances its versatility.
  The new DigiTrak locating system will be sold through dealers around the world, and serviced by DCI’s regional offices including DCI Europe (Bischbrunn, Germany), DCI India (Punjab), DCI China (Shanghai), DCI Australia (Queensland), DCI Russia (Kazan), and DCI’s domestic customer service team located throughout the United States and Canada.