Eastern System Upgrade Construction Approved

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FERC has approved Millennium Pipeline Company, LLC’s request, with one exception, to construct the Eastern System Upgrade Project facilities in Orange, Sullivan, Delaware, and Rockland Counties, New York. This authorization also includes use of all contractor yards and staging areas for the project.

According to FERC’s Alisa M. Lykens, this authorization omits the pipeline facilities located on the Huckleberry Ridge State Forest parcel. Lykens added that the company should file its Temporary Revocable Permit/easement agreement from the New York State Department of Environment and Conservation and request a separate notice to proceed before work can begin at that location.

The Eastern System Upgrade Project includes construction of the following:

  • An approximately 7.8-mile-long, 30- and 36-inch-diameter pipeline loop in Orange County, New York (Huguenot Loop)
  • A new compressor station in Sullivan County, New York (Highland Compressor Station), with one 22,400 horsepower Solar Titan 130E gas-fired turbine compressor unit
  • A new 22,400 horsepower Solar Titan gas-fired turbine compressor unit at the existing Hancock Compressor Station in Delaware County, New York
  • Modifications to the existing Ramapo Meter and Regulator Station in Rockland County, New York
  • Modifications to the Wagoner Interconnect in Orange County, New York
  • Additional pipeline appurtenant facilities at the existing Huguenot and Westtown Meter and Regulating Stations in Orange County, New York
  • An alternate interconnect to the 16-inch-diameter Valley Lateral5 at milepost 7.6 of the Huguenot Loop

Once completed, it will add 223 MMcf/d of capacity along Millennium’s system in New York, and is expected to be placed in service Fall 2018.

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