Enbridge Can Use Extra Workspace for Pipeline Project

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FERC has approved Enbridge’s request to utilize a 0.45-acre additional temporary workspace in Moundsville, West Virginia to support construction of the Marshall County Mine Panel 17W Project.

The Marshall County Mine Panel 17W Project consists of the excavation and elevation of sections of Enbridge’s lines 10 (30-inch-diameter), 15 (30-inch-diameter), 25 (36-inch-diameter) and 30 (36-inch-diameter) to reduce and monitor potential strains on the pipelines due to anticipated longwall mining activities of Marshall Coal.

Concurrent with pipeline elevation, portions of Lines 10 and 15 will be replaced with new pipe to accommodate a minimum US Department of Transportation Class 2 design, while sections of Lines 25 and 30 will be removed and Enbridge will perform maintenance activities on them. The four mainline sections will be put back in service while remaining elevated using sandbags and skids during the longwall mining activities and potential ground subsidence. Once the mining-induced subsidence and the 2017-2018 heating season have both been completed, the two sections of Lines 10 and 15 located within wetlands will be removed and the four elevated pipeline sections will be re-installed belowground, hydrostatically tested, and returned into service.

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