Enbridge Fails Inspection on Pipeline Construction Project

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Canada’s National Energy Board (NEB) has issued three Inspection Officer Orders to Enbridge for failure to adhere to worker safety, pipe handling and environmental protection requirements during construction activity on the High Pine Expansion Project near Chetwynd, British Columbia. The NEB orders were issued on August 24, August 27, and September 13, respectively.

NEB Inspection Officers observed the following non-compliance matters: failure to construct bridges over watercourses according to specification; failure to protect Riparian Management Areas (environmentally-sensitive areas that occur next to the banks of streams, lakes, and wetlands) from disturbance; and, inadequate sediment and erosion control measures at all watercourse crossings.

In response to the failed inspection, Enbridge must complete 27 specific measures to improve worker safety and environmental protection, including:

  • Investigate unsafe pipe handling activities
  • Assess the adequacy of the High Pine Expansion project oversight
  • Immediately cease travel on all bridges and ramps that span two watercourses
  • Submit, for NEB review, company action plans to address management of construction activities
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