Enbridge Ozark Pipeline Starts Binding Open Season for Extra Transportation Services

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Enbridge began a binding open season today for its proposed expansion of the Enbridge Ozark Pipeline, which runs from Cushing, OK to Wood River, IL. The project would expand pipeline capacity by increasing horsepower at pump stations and adding drag-reducing agents (DRAs) to the crude petroleum. The expansion is expected to be in service during the second quarter of 2018.

The open season provides an opportunity for interested shippers to support the expansion by making firm commitments for a minimum 10-year term. Committed volumes will not be subject to pro-rationing to accommodate uncommitted volumes under ordinary operating conditions. In order to provide financial support for the expansion, the volume commitment of any existing historical shipper on Enbridge Ozark would be in addition to the shipper’s historical shipments of crude petroleum on Enbridge Ozark.

The open season period will run through 1 p.m. CT on Jan. 19.

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