Enbridge To Undertake $1.8 Billion Hardisty Expansion

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Enbridge Pipelines Inc. has reached agreement with shippers on the terms of a $1.8 billion expansion of its mainline system between Edmonton and Hardisty, Alberta. The project will flow product into the Enbridge mainline system from the Hardisty Terminal.
  The scope of the project includes: Construction of a new 36-inch diameter crude oil pipeline, approximately 178-km in length, from Enbridge’s existing Edmonton Terminal to its existing Hardisty Terminal; A new initiating pump station at the Edmonton Terminal; A new pump station at the company’s existing Strome Station; and Associated facilities and infrastructure, including: interconnecting piping, metering, electrical infrastructure, instrumentation controls, communication and SCADA system equipment.
  For this project, Enbridge will seek to acquire a new 10-meter wide right-of-way, as well as temporary work space, adjacent to the existing Enbridge right-of-way in this corridor. The goal is to align the route of the new pipeline immediately adjacent to the existing pipeline right-of-way where feasible. The company is also seeking landowner input, conducting route surveys, and gathering environmental data before making a final route alignment determination. 
  The initial capacity of the new line will be 570,000 bpd with expansion potential to 800,000 bpd; and a target in service date in mid-2015.