Enterprise begins full Service on Midland-to-Sealy Pipeline

June 2018

Enterprise Products Partners LP announced that its 416-mile Midland-to-Sealy pipeline is now in full service with an expanded capacity of 540 Mbpd and capable of transporting batched grades of crude oil and condensate. With the completion of incremental tankage, as well as infrastructure and operating enhancements, the pipeline has an expected capacity of 575 Mbpd which is expected to come online in May and is fully subscribed under long-term contracts.

At its terminus in Sealy, TX, the pipeline connects directly to Enterprise’s 36-inch diameter Rancho II crude oil pipeline, which extends to the company’s 7.4 MMbbl ECHO crude oil terminal in southeast Houston. The completion of the Midland-to-ECHO pipeline system provides a fully integrated solution allowing Permian Basin producers to deliver multiple grades of crude oil all the way to the Gulf Coast, including West Texas Intermediate, Light West Texas Intermediate, West Texas Sour and Condensate.

Supporting Enterprise’s Permian Basin solution is a strategic aggregation program that includes construction of a 143-mile pipeline system, which is expected to deliver more than 300 Mbpd of crude oil and condensate from the Delaware Basin into Enterprise’s Midland Terminal. The project is on schedule for completion in July 2018 and is supported by long-term commitments with shippers.