Environmental Review for Nord Stream 2 Begins in Russia

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Nord Stream 2 AG has started a environmental impact assessment in Russia for the Nord Stream 2 Pipeline Project.  As part of the first phase, the company has disclosed relevant project documents, including the terms of reference and the EIA program, for public discussion and consultation.  These documents will be accessible for 30 days.

In addition to the required documents, the company also published reports prepared by independent environmental consultants providing a comparative environmental assessment of the route options for the Russian section of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The reports present the results of the comprehensive analysis of various technical, environmental, social and economic factors.

Based on the comprehensive analysis of the route and landfall options, Nord Stream 2 AG recommends the Narva Bay route in the Kingisepp District of the Leningrad Region due to its smaller overall environmental and social impact. The final decision on the Russian landfall will be made by Russian environmental authorities.

The company has also published a transboundary environmental impact assessment report in line with the UN Convention on environmental impact assessment in a transboundary context. The document, which has been produced in 10 languages, is available to the public in all countries of the Baltic Sea region.

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