Equipment – April 2019

April 2019



By eliminating one of the most common causes of fluid end failure – fatigue cracking at the intersection of the bores – new Cat Cube Bore well stimulation technology extends block life by 50% or more. Its innovative geometry significantly reduces the downtime and costs associated with fluid end replacement. Traditional products focus stress to the corners of the intersecting bore, resulting in high concentrated stresses in localized areas. The Cat Cube Bore design disperses stress from the high-pressure bore into the surrounding material. It removes material in critical areas near the bore intersections and smoothes large corners, which in turn smoothes the stress profiles and allows energy to be absorbed by the surrounding block material.

Access Fixtures

Access Fixtures released a forward-throw, full-cutoff LED wall pack, the CUDL. The equipment comes standard in architectural bronze finish and can be painted in custom RAL colors if desired. It is durable, powerful and comes in three different wattages meant to replace HID wall packs – 81w, 112w, and 174w. The wide, forward-throw optics of the wall pack enable mounting between 12 and 35 feet high. CUDL comes in 4,000 Kelvins or 5,000 Kelvins to suit light temperature needs. A motion sensor or a photo cell may be purchased as options.



SPPS introduced the 100-hp, single-phase electric motor. The Belle Single-Phase Motor uses Written-Pole technology to deliver a 100-hp single-phase motor that is compatible with readily available single-phase utility services. This eliminates the need for phase converters or complex variable frequency drive installations.  It is ideal for powering equipment like pumps, compressors, injection wells, blowers, fans and dryers found in and oil and gas installations.


Pipeotech can now license the technology behind Clock Spring’s DeltaV-Seal, a smart sealing technology to the industrial marketplace, effectively expanding the product presence to new prospective clients. The Full Metal Gasket features the same V-shaped rings to achieve sealing strengths exceeding 10,000 times stronger than the requirements of the oil and gas industry. This joint sealing technology use a triple-V-ring system to compress and conform to the surface of a flange, completely eliminating emissions. This also enables a complete connection to be achieved, even at 17 Nm (35% of required Statoil torque for sheet gaskets). Through advanced CNC machining methods, the DeltaV-Seal and Full Metal Gasket are milled out of a single metal billet. This ensures consistent levels of product quality, as well as reliability.

Novarc Technologies


Novarc Technologies offers the Spool Welding Robot (SWR), a collaborative welding robot that increases productivity on the shop floor and reduces costs for the pipe shop while significantly improving the weld quality. It is capable of storing and quickly recounting weld data and videos for accurate shop analysis and statistical reporting. With an air-operated manipulator, the welding arm can move anywhere in its 15-foot reach. It can weld a spool of up to 30 feet long. The arm can be moved down to weld 4-inch pipes at close to 3 o’clock or moved up to weld 48-inch pipes at close to 12 o’clock. SWR comes with Lincoln’s PowerWave R500, PowerWave STT® module, Cool Arc® water cooler and AutoDrive wire feeder.



Treverity released its new Damage Assessment application to help utilities respond to emergency events, and to rapidly assess damage and support recovery operations with simple, powerful software tools. The application is available on desktop and mobile for use both in the field and the operations center. The mobile application (Android, iOS) is intuitive and adaptable, allowing current and supplemental staff to easily identify, categorize, and track all types of damage across your service territory, even when network connectivity is lost. The desktop application provides visibility and insight into the locations and details of damage as they are recorded from the field, integrates with your existing enterprise systems, and provides analytics tools to support rapid response and recovery.

BJM Pumps

BJM Pumps added the KB220 pump, which can pump up to 810 gallons per minute (gpm). The pumps are available in 460 or 575 volts and offer a maximum head to 186 feet. The KB Series is designed to handle all the sand and small abrasives issues in construction, mining, sand and gravel operations. The KB220 Series features the ability to move settled solids with chrome iron agitator, protection from leaks through a double mechanical seal design and volute casting constructed from hardened ductile iron.