Equipment – December 2019

December 2019

EQ_JohnDeereJohn Deere

John Deere now offers the mechanical angle blade for the 950K and 1050K crawler dozers, which can be manually angled side to side, making it ideal for a variety of jobs, including backfilling, rough grading and general earthmoving. The productivity-boosting, three-position adjustable blade can be configured using the provided pin points on the push beams. The blade width and height have been optimized for the best performance on the Deere dozers. The approach angle on the 950K and 1050K blades has been increased 29% vs. the previous offering. Additionally, changes to the hydraulic hose routing to the blade offer better protection against damage. The blade weight was reduced and reinvested in the C-frame, resulting in better overall weight distribution for a more balanced machine and improved durability. The angle pins are hardened and, when coupled with the heavy-duty hardened bushings in the C-frame, provide better long-term serviceability.


CDI offers the SoniTrack XLR, an acoustic geophone pipeline pig tracking system that includes a computer- controlled audio amplifier. This allows an operator to easily listen for pigs moving within a pipeline over several miles. In addition to industry-standard headphone and AUX outputs, SoniTrack XLR includes a built-in, digitally-tuned FM transmitter for easy wireless broadcast to any number of surrounding vehicles or radios. The device has waterproof connections and enclosures and comes with the receiver, wide temperature geophone probe, headphones, AUX cable, cigarette lighter, 12VDC power cable, as well as a Pelican® brand carrying/shipment case.




 Pure Safety GroupEQ_pure-safety-group

Pure Safety Group (PSG) unveiled its Guardian Fall Protection S1 safety harness, which is the first in a series of innovative new harnesses designed with three levels of features for various work scenarios. All harnesses meet OSHA standards, while exceeding ANSI standards. The S1 features steel hardware that includes a three-bar torso adjustment for quick and proper fitting, various connection point options for use in multiple applications. The device is available in four sizes for optimal fit with customized harnesses available.





McElroy offers the solution for fusing large-diameter pipe up to 65-inch OD in challenging, close-quarter working environments with the new In-Ditch 1600. It is for customers who needed a machine capable of butt fusing large-diameter tie-in connections in a high-density neighborhood with many turning roadways. The In-Ditch 1600 is designed with a compact, two-jaw carriage and a top-loading heater and facer for added flexibility. It is capable of fusing onto as little as 15 inches of exposed pipe with minimal excavation required. Multiple lifting points, a carriage spreader bar and skidded carriage provide ease of mobility and fit within a small envelope. A roll cage helps protect the carriage and hydraulics as they are lowered into the ditch. The carriage has the same 30,000 pounds of clamping force per jaw as the MegaMc 1600.




Bionomic Industries offers Series 6500 Jet Scrubber as a fully integrated, pre-engineered, skid-mounted package complete with recirculation pumps, piping networks, entrainment separators, polishing scrubber, instrumentation and automated controls. The scrubber creates its own draft to eliminate the need for a fan in most cases, resulting in cost savings and system simplification. Inherent with this design, gas is scrubbed with no bypass, resulting in a scrubber that can be used for large turndowns in gas flows. The scrubber uses a liquid-to-gas ratio, which also makes it a preferred choice for treating high concentration gas streams to reduce the resultant exothermic reaction temperature rise of the scrubbing liquid. It is available in single and multiple stages or can be combined with a Series 5000 Packed Bed polishing scrubber.





Norton Abrasives offers new Rapid Prep XHD Coarse and Medium discs. The heavy-duty, non-woven discs remove weld lines, weld splatter, weld discoloration and blend surfaces in a single step. XHD Coarse is designed for surface blending on steels, while XHD Medium works well on softer metals and alloys. Compared with coated flap discs, users save labor and consumable costs by reducing application steps. The discs have 12 sizes offered in three non-woven types: quick change discs from 2 to 4 inches, TR attachment, hook and loop discs in both 7/8-inch hole and no hole from 4-1/2-inch to 7-inch diameter, and speed change discs from 41/2-inch by 5/8-inch. Both coarse and medium discs are stock items.