Equipment – February 2020

February 2020


EQ_KhroneKrohne released four additions to the Optiflex Series of guided radar (TDR) level transmitters.
The 7200 model, designed for the oil and gas, and chemical industries, is tailored for level and interface measurement of liquids in process and storage applications with ±2 mm/±0.08-inch accuracy. It offers an extensive choice of probes for measuring distances up 60 m/197 ft and dielectric constants down to 1.3 (TBF 1.1) and can be used with aggressive media in process conditions up to +250°C/+482°F and 100 barg/1,450 psig. The TDR transmitter features two-wire 4-20 mA HART 7 communication with an optional second output (current or relay) and a real-time clock for event logging.

EQ_BionomicBionomic Industries

Bionomic Industries released its Series 8500 High-Efficiency Venturi Scrubbers, designed to withstand the rigorous demands of mineral processing. The device features a spin separator specifically designed to take on and remove high particulate concentrations. Available in the proprietary ScrubPa skid-mounted system design, the Series 8500 comes with an induced draft fan, recirculation pumps, piping, full instrumentation, electricals and controls for easy field installation. An adjustable throat feature allows complete flexibility to precisely meet needed gas flow rates and particulate collection requirements. Scrubber vessels are available in mild steel, stainless steels and special abrasion-resistant construction.


Trimble’s TerraFlex field software now supports remote feature capture with Laser Technology TruPulse 200 series and 360° series laser range-finders. The solution enables easy capture of GIS features in locations that are physically inaccessible, hazardous and in challenging Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) environments. The software the reach of the company’s GNSS solutions when paired with TruPulse laser range-finders. These include the Trimble TDC150 high-accuracy GNSS handheld and the Trimble TDC600 handheld, running the Trimble Catalyst on demand positioning service.


Garlock Pipeline Technologies (GPT) unveiled Evolution, an isolation gasket that features easier installation, tight sealing, high-temperature operation, no permeation, hydrotesting isolation, fire safety and chemical resistance. With a thinner, 1/8-inch design, Evolution minimizes the difficulties often encountered when attempting to install thicker isolating gaskets. The full-coating encapsulation allows the gasket to be hydrotested and left in the pipeline with the same isolation properties as before it was tested. Evolution’s coating (a GPT proprietary material) is extremely abrasion and impact-resistant, while providing chemical resistance to H2S, steam, CO, CO2 and other chemicals.

Transneft Diascan

Transneft Diascan offers a new type of in-line inspection tool – an ultrasonic flaw detector with a measuring system using phased array (PA) sensors. It is designed to inspect pipelines with diameters of 40, 42 and 48 inches (1,020, 1,067 and,1220 mm) and allows for the early stage detection of crack-like flaws, thus increasing the safe operation of oil pipelines. The tool’s phased array measuring system enables the inspection of the pipe walls and welds through dynamically controlled multi-angle examination in the longitudinal and transverse directions. In addition to the phased array sensors, WM sensors are integrated in the measuring system to detect metal loss, scratches, and delamination. The circumferential resolution of the WM measuring system is 1.9 mm.

EQ_EcotoolDitch Witch

The new Ditch Witch HX30G vacuum excavator delivers high-profile power in a low-profile package and through a customer-driven design provides economical, yet powerful, vacuum excavation. The HX30G is powered by a 31-hp Vanguard gas engine for optimal suction power and water pressure for small- to mid-sized excavation jobs or non-hazardous cleanup task. The machine is also equipped with a 542-cfm blower, 3,000-psi water pressure and 4.2-gpm water flow. The machine is available with an optional jib boom to provide the widest range of motion in the industry. It comes with a hose restraint to keep the hose from jumping.

WN_DitchwitchEsco Tool

Esco Tool offers a portable, inner-diameter (ID) clamping pipe beveller is now being offered with a variable-speed electric motor for use on-site. The Prepzilla Millhog Clamping End Prep Tool features an electric motor with increased power and variable speeds from 9-31 rpm for continuous use and faster beveling. Equipped with a three-blade holder that can bevel any angle, face, and bore simultaneously, the tool can produce precision end preps on hard stainless steels and highly alloyed pipe. It only requires one mandrel and eight sets of clamps for its entire range. The tool is designed for pipe ranging from 1.575-inch ID to 8.62-inch outer diameter (OD). It has motor specifications of 230 V, 2,300 Watt, 50-60 Hz and has dual opposed tapered roller bearings to support the motor.