Equipment – January 2020

January 2020

EQ_PT_CylinderSPX Flow

SPX Flow offers a wide range of hydraulic tools and solutions including hydraulic cylinders the oil industry through its the Power Team brand. Whether lifting, pressing, lowering or pushing, the wide range of cylinder models can meet most application needs. Each cylinder comes with a lifetime warranty. When customers choose Power Team, however, they get more than just product supply. Power Team has a long experience in the industry and can offer its customers expert application and operation advice to ensure correct product selection, sizing and safe operation.


Siemens Smart Infrastructure introduced the presence detector Wide Up 258Dx1, which can contribute to energy-efficient lighting and climate control its built-in multi-sensor technology. It is part of the GAMMA instabus building system technology portfolio, a series of products based on the worldwide KNX standard and with five different sensors for HVAC and lighting control. Dedicated sensors record presence, brightness, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, guaranteeing perfect room conditions in commercial buildings with substantial room depth and high occupancy fluctuations. The device features five sensors in a single device for optimal ambient conditions, control of lighting, ventilation and heating systems; readings, monitoring and control of energy consumption; and Fast installation due to a single KNX cable.

EQ_JohnDeereJohn Deere

John Deere enhanced its lineup of five small-frame G-Series skid steers and compact track loaders, providing operators with even more power and efficiency on the job site. The small-frame G-Series Model upgrades also include protected auxiliary hydraulic lines that run within the boom for additional protection, ultimately extending the machine’s life cycle. The machines have an optional capability to support two sets of counter weights, providing the operator with greater stability and capacity to lift heavier materials. The newly integrated four-point-tie-down system increases overall mobility and impact on different jobs by enabling operators to securely and safely move the machine to different locations. Operators can streamline their daily maintenance tasks with color-coded fluid fills and key filters that are mounted for ease of access near the rear door. The small-frame models have optimized air-conditioning ducts, improved cab pressurization and debris ingression, enabling operators to spend more time working and less time cleaning.


The Sensirion SGM6200 module covers natural gases in group E with up to 25% hydrogen content at a current consumption below 10 µA. One single module covers natural gases in groups H and L and E (as defined in EN437), as well as natural gas mixtures, including non-conventional fuel gases with up to 25% hydrogen content. The SGM6200 family will output temperature-compensated volumes of natural gas, aligned with today’s most widely used billing systems for natural gas. By assessing additional physical properties of natural gas, the SGM6200 series paves the way for realizing Sensirion’s vision of direct energy content monitoring of natural gas in gas meters.

TT Technologies

TT Technologies offers the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system, which uses a specially designed bladed cutter head to make bursting ductile iron and steel pipe possible. The systems range in size from 45 tons to 287 tons of pullback force and can be used to burst pipe from 4 to 48 inches. Grundocrack pneumatic pipe bursting tools can be used to burst fracturable pipe from 4 to 54 inches. Grundoram pneumatic pipe ramming tools can be used to ram steel casings ranging in size from 6 through 144 inches.


E2S Warning Signals offers the flameproof STEx warning device encompasses audible, visual and combined warning devices within 316L stainless steel enclosures to protect against harsh environments where corrosion is a particular problem. The units are IECEx and ATEX, approved for Zones 1 and 2 for use in hazardous areas containing both gas or dust. The alarm horn sounders are available with 64 alarm tone frequency patterns and outputs of up to 123dB(A). The STExB beacon light source is available in a 10, 15 or ultra-bright 21 Joule Xenon strobe. Stainless steel blanking plugs are provided with all units. Cable entries are M20, ½-inch NPT, ¾-inch NPT or M25. All external hardware, such as beacon dome guards and mounting brackets, are 316 (A4) stainless steel as standard.


The Dynatrol CL-10-HY density cell and Series 2000 density digital converter comes in a full range of corrosion-resistant materials that are both weather-tight and explosion proof. The cells also serve broad temperature and pressure ratings – with no moving parts for long operating life. The Series 2000 digital converter has an onboard microcontroller. It is ready to use with no programming, and the petrochemical software provided with the converter calculates specific gravity, API gravity and can also display corrected gravities using information generated from the density cell. It can be used to measure the density of crude oil, butane, diesel fuel, distillates, gasoline, ethane gas, isobutene, jet fuels, kerosene or propane.