Equipment – July 2019

July 2019

Sercel-GRC (GRC) sold the 1000th Spy Pro gauge for ESP systems. Rated for 5,000 and 10,000 psi at 150 degrees C (302 degrees F), the device can record up to 11 parameters, used to monitor the ESP production system. This includes intake and discharge pressures, intake and motor temperatures, X, Y and Z vibrations. The sealed design extends the run life of the gauge, while providing minimum re-dressing, which saves OPEX and extends CAPEX.

John Deere
John Deere is unveiling three backhoes – the BH9B, BH10B and BH11B. Each was designed for operators handling light construction, utility work or landscaping. The attachments are ideal for tight spaces, offering swing-speed control and 180-degree capabilities. Cushioned cylinders allow for smooth operations and limit shock loads during use. A two-lever control of boom or swing (left lever) and dipper-stick or bucket (right lever) allow for precise control and movement. Each model includes a 34-45 liters-per-minute (9-12 gallons-per-minute) hydraulic flow range for smooth operation.

Dräger released its X-pid 8500 portable gas measurement device to the U.S. market. The gas chromatography-photo-
ionization detector (GC-PID) allows selective measurement analysis of pre-determined compounds, such as benzene and butadiene, providing results in as little as 30 seconds. The device allows detection and recording of 19 toxic target compounds with the push of a button. In addition, users can add substances to the target compound database that would allow for detection. The X-pid 8500 includes a streamlined version of gas chromatography analysis that is traditionally conducted in the laboratory and reduces operating costs.

EQ_ExacttoolExact Tools
Exact Tools launched its latest portable pipe-cutting innovations for the Pro Series 280 and 360 models. Standard features include a 2,500-watt, 230-volt motor that can cut pipe wall thicknesses of 20 mm in steel and up to 50 mm in plastic. 110-120 volt versions are also available with a 2,200-watt motor fitted as standard. A laser indicator light for precision cutting, new improved adjustment mechanism for straight-cutting and an overload protection “traffic light” system is included. The Pro Series meets the demands of steel, stainless steel cast/ductile iron and plastics.

Nightstick offers a 1,000-lumen Nightstick XPR-5592GX LED, a rechargeable area/scene light with magnetic base device that generates a scene-filling 1,000 lumens of light on high and 500 lumens on low via a single-sealed toggle switch. It weighs only 4.25 pounds due to its lightweight polymer body and uses lithium-ion rechargeable battery technology to provide up to 17 hours of continuous light on a single charge. The light also features a powerful rare-earth magnet in the supporting base. With hands-free use and lightweight rechargeable portability, this area light will swivel independently to position light when needed and at angles not available in traditional fixed position scene lighting. A 6-foot tripod is included.

The Larson MGS-45KVA-12X120-2X208 power distribution system is designed to operate with 480V three-phase, which is turned into 120V single-phase and 208 Wye. This system makes 120 volt AC available through 12 GFCI protected 20-amp receptacles and two 208 volt receptacles. This unit comes equipped with 20 feet of 4/4 SOOW cord that connects line-in power to a fused on/off disconnect switch that controls current to the 45 kVA 480V three-phase transformer. The system features a load center/distribution assembly mounted to a standard 2- by 2- by 1/8-inch square carbon steel tubing frame and is equipped with forklift skid pockets and locking polyurethane casters. This transformer is grounded to the frame with a grounding lug that is provided.

Emerson released the Micro Motion 4200 two-wire loop-powered Coriolis transmitter, a new design that makes it possible to replace existing two-wire flow devices with minimal effort and without incurring additional power or cabling costs. The device can accommodate the largest line size (4-inch) of any 2-wire flow meter on the market and is the only such product to offer an onboard real-time clock for improved diagnostics. The unit is available in a remote-mount option for applications that require the transmitter to be located separately from the sensor. It provides a viable migration path in situations where Coriolis meters were previously not practical, either due to restrictions on additional wiring or a lack of power sources.

Krohne’s Optimass 6400 flowmeter works for standard liquid and gas applications. Sizes range from ½ inch to 1 inch and the Optimass 6400 is offered in stainless steel 316L, Hastelloy C22 and Duplex steel UNS S31803. Compliant to Namur standard installation lengths, the Optimass 6400 operates in high temperatures up to 752° F (400° C), as well as cryogenic applications down to -328° F (-200° C). It also handles pressures up to 2,900 psi (200 bar). Krohne began manufacturing the Optimass 6400 twin-bent tube Coriolis mass flowmeter at its new manufacturing and calibration facility located in Beverly, Mass.