Equipment – May 2019

May 2019


EQ_VoltaInnerspec’s Volta features a high-power, two-channel portable ultrasonic instrument custom-designed for electro-magnetic acoustic transducer (EMAT) applications. It contains a pulser technology for the most energy-demanding EMAT applications in a compact and rugged package. The software is available with wizards to simplify the setup and analysis for MRUT (medium-range UT/0-3 m), LRUT (long-range UT/ -100 m), rail heads and thin welds. An NDT-user interface integrates with an NDT-link portal, and a complete suite of productivity tools for asset management, remote support, data sharing and reporting is available.


EQ_TrimbleTrimble offers a wearable hard hat-compatible device that enables workers to access holographic information on the worksite – the Trimble XR10 – with HoloLens 2. In addition, an expanded set of Trimble software and services provides field-oriented workflows that leverage constructible 3-D models and mixed reality to solve daily work tasks. The device is the first created with the Microsoft HoloLens Customization Program, which integrates the latest spatial computing technology into a certified solution for use with a hard hat. With a wider field-of-view, improved usability and a flip-up viewscreen, the equipment works well in restricted access work areas.


Bionomic Industries

EQ_BionomicBionomic Industries offers its new RotaBed-patented, fluidized bed scrubber. Designed to handle gas capacities from 500 through 250,000 actual cubic feet per minute (acfm), the device uses a swirl-induced Coriolis grid, resulting in more efficient gas mixing and transfer efficiency than less advanced designs, the company said. The scrubber’s turbulent, “packless,” plug resistant mass transfer bed is up to 99% open in the fluid contact scrubbing zone and delivers ultra-high-efficiency gas absorption and particulate collection of over 99% on most applications.

Exact Tools

EQ_ExactExact Tools launched its portable Pro Series 360 pipe-cutting tools with 280 and 450 models to follow. Standard features include a powerful 2,200-watt, 120-volt motor that can cut half-an-inch thicknesses in steel and up to 2 inches in plastics. A laser indicator light for precision-cutting, an improved adjustment mechanism for straight cutting and an overload protection “traffic light” system are included. The equipment is lightweight and portable and can cut cast- and ductile-iron, steel, stainless steel and plastics.


Polyguard offers a heavy-duty extension of its impact-resistant outer wrap (IRO) product, known as Polyguard IRO HD. The product provides additional protection for field joint and mainline coatings. Both the IRO and IRO HD are fiber-reinforced composite mechanical protection systems that provide superior mechanical protection, eliminating coating damage to field joints on directionally drilled pipelines when severe backfill conditions are present. Being moisture-cured, UV light and heating are not required. These products can be applied over coatings, such as RD-6, fusion bond epoxy (FBE), liquid epoxies or any other coatings.

Gearing Solutions

Gearing Solutions offers roller gear technology, featuring Nu Lobe gears for more torque in less space. The compact designs allow the use of aluminum housings that yield weight savings of up to 50% over traditional cast-iron housings. Increased torque and reduced weight provide more power in less space. Standard GHP planetary gearheads fit standard NEMA motor frames from ¼ hp to 30 hp with IEC adaptors and custom gearing also available. Ratios up to 1000:1 or more are available. The technology works in automated window openers, cranes, conveyors and material handling systems, pulleys and pumps.


EQ_EAGThe EAG VOC Plus Hand-Held VOC Emissions Analyzer measures total VOCs from stationary emissions sources. It includes real-time continuous data-logging and offers multiple measurement ranges. In addition to photo-ionization detector (PID) sensors, the device includes a choice of 0-20 ppm or 0-200 ppm VOC measuring range, a continuous active internal sampling pump and the internal data storage of 2,000 tests. In addition, it has a long-lasting battery and AC charger.


Weldcote Metals introduced a comprehensive line of metal-working abrasives, making up more than 900 new units. The flap discs are formulated for a wide variety of metals, including ceramic (C-Prime and C-Prime Plus), zirconia (Z-Prime and Z-Solid), aluminum oxide (A-Prime) and aluminum (ALU-Prime). Rounding out the offering are U.S.-made quick change discs, as well as Korner flap discs, resin-fiber discs and flap wheels. Resin-bonded abrasives are also available in the United States.


The Ashcroft T6500 stainless steel, solid front-pressure gauge is now available with the XRA overpressure option. This feature adds an over-pressure mechanism that restricts the motion of the Bourdon tube after the specified full-scale value is reached. As a result, the gauge can withstand up to 400% over pressure limits without damage, often eliminating the need for an external pressure-limiting valve. It is especially useful for applications in which pressure spikes and water hammer are a threat.