Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Modifications OK’d for Enbridge Projects

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FERC has approved Enbridge’s request to modify the Access South, Adair Southwest, and Lebanon Expansion Projects’ Erosion and Sediment Control Plan.

According to FERC’s Elaine Baum, the company’s proposed plan modifications would enable it to remove the outslope angle requirement to provide latitude for installing interceptor dikes on steeper slopes during restoration. Further, the modifications would enable the installation of trench plug drain pipes downstream of a seep to divert intercepted trench groundwater to the edge of the construction work area and would allow pre-blasting of streams to reduce the overall waterbody crossing duration.

Enbridge’s Access South, Adair Southwest and Lebanon Extension projects will offer shippers the opportunity to deliver new natural gas supplies from the Appalachian region to markets in the midwestern United States. All three projects are expected to be finished in November 2017.

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