Extension of Time Granted for Northern Supply Access Project

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FERC has approved Texas Gas Transmission, LLC request for an extension of time until and including March 24, 2019 to complete the following construction activities associated with the Northern Supply Access Project:

  • The additional Solar Taurus 70 compressor unit capable of providing 9,688-hp at the new Crosby (formerly Harrison) Compressor Station
  • Gas cooling equipment at the Dillsboro Compressor Station
  • A replacement Solar Taurus 70 compressor unit capable of providing 9,699-hp at the Bastrop Compressor Station
  • Reclassifying existing reciprocating compressors No. 2 through No. 5 as operational spares to be used as back-up units at the Bastrop Compressor Station (a total of 7,040 hp)
  • Yard and station piping modifications to provide for bi-directional flow capabilities at the Clarksdale Compressor Station

The Northern Supply Access Project includes:

  • The new 23,877 hp Crosby Compressor Station in Hamilton County, Ohio
  • Installing gas cooling facilities at the Dillsboro Compressor Station in Dearborn County, Indiana
  • Installing a new 9,688 hp gas turbine compressor and various piping modifications at the Bastrop Compressor Station in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana
  • Modifying yard and station piping at existing compressor stations in Lawrence County, Indiana; Jeffersontown, Breckinridge and Webster Counties, Kentucky; Tipton County, Tennessee; and Coahoma County, Mississippi.

Once completed, the project will provide an additional 384,000 MMBtu/d of north to south transportation capacity on Texas Gas’s system for eight shippers while maintaining bi-directional flow capability on its system.

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