Extension of Time Granted for Pipeline Construction Project

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FERC has approved ANR Pipeline Company’s request for an extension of time until and including Dec. 31, 2017 to abandon the 9,100 horsepower (hp) Unit 507 compressor and appurtenant facilities at the Brownsville Compressor Station, located in Haywood County, Tennessee, and the 2,500 hp Unit 402 compressor, the 9,100 hp Unit 406 compressor, and appurtenant facilities at the Sardis Compressor Station, located in Panola County, Mississippi.  These activities are associated with a project to reduce capacity on the company’s Southeast Mainline pipeline segment, located in Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Indiana.

According to FERC’s Richard Foley, the ANR says the extension of times are required because operational outages required for the abandonments will not be available until early-to-mid November 2017 for the Brownsville Compressor Station and mid-November to mid-December for the Sardis Compressor Station. Foley added that company expects to complete abandonment work at the Brownsville Compressor Station by November 31, 2017 and to complete the abandonment work at the Sardis Compressor Station by December 31, 2017.

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