Extra Temp Workspace, Access Road Relocation OK’d for Pipeline Projects

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FERC has approved Enbridge’s request to use 0.25 acre of additional temporary workspace and to relocate a portion of a permanent access road (PAR-14) at milepost 698.3 on the Berne to Holbrook Loop in Monroe County, Ohio as part of the Access South, Adair Southwest, and Lebanon Extension projects.

According to Elaine Baum, Environmental Project Manager with FERC, the additional temporary workspace would increase the safety of working conditions allowed for staging equipment, and the permanent access road relocation would avoid a blind corner and slope.

Once finished, the company’s Access South, Adair Southwest and Lebanon Extension projects will enable shippers to deliver new natural gas supplies from the Appalachian region to markets in the midwestern United States. All three projects are expectedxtra to be completed in November 2017.

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