ExxonMobil Pipeline Expands Pipeline Capacity To Gulf Coast

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Mobil Pipe Line Company, an affiliate of ExxonMobil Pipeline Company, has completed a project that will increase capacity by  30,000 bpd on its 858-mile Pegasus Pipeline that operates from Patoka, IL to Nederland, TX.

The expansion project includes the reactivation and enhancement of several pump stations along the pipeline. The additional capacity will enable the transportation of additional Canadian crude from the Midwest to Gulf Coast refineries. Operational enhancements, such as new leak detection technology, were also incorporated to support ExxonMobil Pipeline’s focus on operating its pipelines in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

“This expansion project builds upon the success of the Pegasus Pipeline system reversal that began moving Canadian crude shipments to the Gulf Coast in 2006,” said Gary Pruessing, president, ExxonMobil Pipeline Company.