FERC Approves Construction of Coastal Bend Header Facilities

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FERC has approved Gulf South Pipeline Company, LP’s request to begin construction of the following facilities for the Coastal Bend Header Project:

  •   Coastal Bend Header Pipeline – Approximately 66 miles of new 36-inch diameter interstate pipeline in Brazoria and Wharton Counties, Texas, and four new main line valve assemblies, two pig launchers and two pig receivers along the new 36-inch diameter interstate header pipeline.
  •   Meter and Regulator (M&R) Stations (Tennessee Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC M&R, Natural Gas Pipeline Company, LCC M&R, Houston Pipeline Company – Energy Transfer M&R and Stratton Ridge M&R) in Brazoria and Wharton Counties, Texas.
  •   Goodrich Compressor Station – Piping modifications at the existing compressor station in Polk County, Texas.

Alisa M. Lykens, Chief Gas Branch 2, Division of Gas – Environment and Engineering with FERC, said, “We have reviewed your(Gulf South’s) IP and supplemental responses to the environmental conditions of the Order filed on November 17, 2016 and find that it contains the information necessary to approve construction of the facilities identified above as well as the requested route modifications and variances. We find your requests are in accordance with Environmental Condition Nos. 1 thru 9, 12, 14 through 20, and 22 through 25 of the Order and Gulf South has received the appropriate federal authorizations.”

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