FERC Approves Meter Station Relocation for Pipeline Project

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As part of the Natchez Pipeline Project, FERC has approved American Midstream LLC’s request to relocate the Winnsboro Meter Station. Kinder Morgan and Columbia Gas Company requested relocation and reconfiguration of the Winnsboro Meter Station in order to avoid building pipeline laterals to tie into the meter station.

According to FERC, American Midstream intends to move the 1.81-acre meter station to an agricultural field and, as a result, would reduce impacts on wetlands. The company has purchased the property for the meter station from the landowner and no additional right-of-way or real property interests will need to be acquired. In addition, American Midstream will use 0.21 acres for relocation of the pipeline permanent right-of-way to the new meter station site and 0.67 acres for additional temporary workspace during construction.

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