FERC Approves One Variance for the Impulsora Crossing Project

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FERC has approved Impulsora Pipeline LLC’s request to conduct certain maintenance activities for the Impulsora Crossing Project along a 0.51-mile stretch of the access road leading to the company’s horizontal directional drilling site in Webb County, Texas.

“This project modification is consistent with environmental condition 5 of the Commission’s Order, and would not affect landowners, historic properties, or federally listed threatened and endangered species,” Amanda Mardiney, an environmental project manager with FERC, said.

However, Mardiney rejected Impulsora’s request to maintain vegetation at a height of six inches or less in a 30-foot-wide corridor between the temporary work site and the Rio Grande River until adequate justification is provided.

In addition to the requested variances, Impulsora clarified that HDD drilling will begin on the U.S. side of the International Border and that pigging and metering equipment will not be placed on the U.S. side of the International Border.

The 36-inch diameter Impulsora Pipeline would originate at Howard Energy Partners Webb County Hub in Texas and transport natural gas to Mexico near Colombia in the State of Nuevo Leon.



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