FERC: Cedar Station Upgrade Project Construction Can Begin

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FERC has approved Northern Natural Gas Company’s request to commence construction of the Cedar Station Upgrade Project in Dakota County, Minnesota, along with the following variance requests:

  • Modifying the Horizontal Direction Drill (HDD) path between mileposts 0.8 and 1.2
  • Shifting the HDD entry point and adding an HDD entry point at milepost 1.05
  • Modifying extra temporary work space (ETWS), at mileposts 1.0, 1.1, 7.3 and 7.6
  • Shifting the HDD exit point at mileposts 3.5 and 6.17
  • Shifting the HDD entry point/centerline and eliminate ETWS at milepost 4.24
  • Adding a bore and modifying ETWS (within 50 feet of wetland) at milepost 4.3
  • Shifting the HDD exit point at mileposts 5.95, 7.59 and 7.8
  • Shifting the HDD entry point at mileposts 6.0, 7.27, 7.40 and 7.65
  • Modifying workspace/pipeline alignment/new permanent right-of-way at mileposts 6.9 and 7.0
  • Shifting the permanent right-of-way/pipeline alignment between mileposts 7.1 and 7.4
  • Relocating the staging area between mileposts 7.2 and 7.3
  • Modifying workspace at milepost 7.4
  • Shifting temporary work space/ETWS/new permanent right-of-way between mileposts 7.4 and 7.59
  • Shifting the permanent right-of-way between mileposts 7.6 and 7.8
  • Adding ETWS for HDD pull back at milepost 7.8
  • Adding a staging area at Township 115 North, Range 19 West SE 1/4 of Section 23 in Dakota County, Minnesota

The Cedar Station Upgrade Project includes the construction of the following facilities:

  • Approximately 7.86 miles of new 20-inch-diameter pipeline loop fron Northern’s existing Rosemount Junction to Minneapolis No. 1 branch line, located in Dakota County, Minnesota.
  • A new pig launcher and takeoff valve setting at Northern’s existing Rosemount Junction facility
  • A new pig receiver, tie-in valve setting, and modification of existing regulators and piping at Northern’s existing Cedar Meter Station facility
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