FERC: Central Virginia Connector Project Construction Activities Can Begin

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FERC has approved TransCanada’s request to begin construction activities of modification of the Louisa and Boswells Tavern Compressor Stations and Richmond POD for the Central Virginia Connector Project in Louisa and Goochland Counties, Virginia.

The Central Virginia Connector Project includes:

  • Replacement of three Solar Saturn units with one Solar Centaur 50 unit at the existing Louisa Compressor Station and converting the replaced units to standby
  • Increasing the certificated horsepower at the Louisa Compressor Station from 4,050 to 6,130
  • Installing pipe and valve modifications to make the existing point of delivery between TransCanada’s Mainline VM-108 and VM-109 at Boswell’s Tavern Compressor Station bi-directional
  • Installing a new point of delivery meter station adjacent to TransCanada’s Goochland Compressor Station, and other appurtenant facilities.

Once completed, the project will provide 45,000 cubic feet per day of natural gas and modernize compression at the Louisa Compressor Station.

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