FERC Pushes Back Review of PennEast Pipeline

March 2017

Because of additional environmental information filed by PennEast Pipeline Co. LLC and certain state agencies, FERC has revised its schedule for the completion of the final environmental impact statement for the PennEast Pipeline Project.

The November 8, 2016 Scheduling Notice listed February 17, 2017 as the EIS issuance date.  According to FERC’s new schedule, the final EIS for the project will now be issued on April 7, 2017, with the 90-day Federal Authorization Decision Deadline now set for July 6, 2017.

“After a two-and-a-half-year review of PennEast Pipeline Co.’s application, including the 33 route adjustments announced in September to further reduce environmental impact, the additional 49-day review period FERC announced today will help ensure a complete and thorough review,” Pat Kornick, a PennEast Pipeline Co. spokesperson, said. “PennEast looks forward to receiving the final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and anticipates the line will be operational in the second half 2018.”




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