FERC: Eastern Shore Can Commence Service at 2017 Expansion M&R Station

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FERC has approved Eastern Shore Natural Gas Company’s request to place into service the upgrades at the Honey Brook Meter and Regulation Station in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, as part of the 2017 Expansion Project.

According to FERC’s Rich McGuire, the company has adequately stabilized the construction workspace within and around the meter station, and restoration is proceeding satisfactorily.

The 2017 Expansion Project consists of approximately 23 miles of pipeline looping in Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware; upgrades to existing metering facilities; installation of an additional 3,550 horsepower compressor unit at the existing Daleville Compressor Station in Chester County, Pennsylvania; and approximately 17 miles of new mainline extension and the addition of two pressure control stations in Sussex County, Delaware. These new facilities are estimated to cost about $99 million. Eastern Shore Natural Gas estimates that it will generate gross margin of approximately $15.7 million in the first full year after the new transportation services go into effect.

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