FERC: National Fuel Can Place Line TNY in Service

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FERC has approved National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation’s request to place into service the Line TNY portion of the Line T2KNY Install, Line TNY Replacement, and Line KNY Abandonment Project, located in Erie County, New York.

According to FERC’s J. Rich McGuire, the company has adequately stabilized areas disturbed by construction in accordance with its Winter Construction Plan and that restoration is proceeding satisfactorily. McGuire added that because final restoration and seeding activities are planned for spring 2018, National Fuel will continue to monitor the project area over the winter and document the status of its activities in its monthly status reports.

The Line TNY Replacement Project included replacing approximately 6.7 miles of 20-inch bare steel pipeline with 7.0 miles of 24-inch coated natural gas pipeline. It is part of three projects that, once finished, will provide an additional 2.6 MDth/d of new firm capacity.

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