FERC: National Fuel Can Start Abandonment Activities for Compressor Station

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FERC has approved National Fuel Gas Supply Corporation’s request to proceed with construction/abandonment activities of the Heath Compressor Station and repurposing of the Line FM-92 in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania as part of the Heath Compressor Station Abandonment Project.

The Heath Compressor Station Abandonment Project includes the abandonment of the Heath Compressor Station and repurposing of the existing 3.0 mile, 12-inch diameter Line FM-92 pipeline from a jurisdictional natural gas transmission pipeline to a non-jurisdictional natural gas gathering pipeline in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.

During construction, existing above ground structures and piping, not required for gathering, will be removed, and underground pipelines associated with the compressor station will be abandoned in place. The company will also install non-jurisdictional facilities, including 610 feet of new non-jurisdictional 12-inch diameter plastic pipeline to maintain gas flow along Line FM-92 and gathering compression facilities about 3.0 miles northwest of the Heath Compressor Station.

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