FERC OKs Construction of Enbridge Project in West Virginia

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FERC has approved Enbridge’s request to construct, operate, abandon, and temporarily modify certain segments of four pipelines located in Marshall County, West Virginia associated with the Marshall County Mine Panel 18W Project.  The project includes:

  • The excavation of approximately 1.6 miles of 30-inch-diameter Line 10 between mileposts 720.3 and 721.9; 1.6 miles of 30-inch-diameter Line 15 between mileposts 720.8 and 722.4; 1.5 miles of 36-inch-diameter Line 25 between mileposts 40.0 and 41.5; and 1.6 miles of 36-inch-diameter Line 30 between mileposts 720.8 and 722.4
  • The abandonment and replacement of two 30-inch-diameter segments of pipeline, each approximately 1.6 miles in length, on Lines 10 and 157 to accommodate U.S. Department of Transportation Class 2 design
  • Elevating aboveground, temporarily offset, and hydrostatically testing the new segments of Lines 10 and 15 and the excavated segments of Lines 25 and 30 before placing them into service for the duration of longwall mining activities
  • Reinstalling the pipeline segments belowground following the completion of mining activities

Once completed, the Marshall County Mine Panel 18W Project will help protect Enbridge’s lines 10, 15, 25, and 30 in Marshall County, West Virginia from disturbance by the Marshall County Coal Company’s planned expansion of its coal mining operations, scheduled to take place in October 2018.

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