FERC OKs Extended Atlantic Sunrise Construction Hours

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FERC has approved Williams’ request to work extended hours for construction activities at Compressor Stations 610 and 605, in Columbia and Wyoming Counties, Pennsylvania, respectively, as part of the Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project.

According to FERC’s Alisa M. Lykens, Williams will conduct construction activities during a 24-hour/ 7- day per week basis to satisfy temperature requirements for cold weather concrete, ensure safe working conditions, and to prevent any additional construction delays to other component construction, testing requirements, and unforeseen weather delays. Lykens added that, during overnight work, the company has committed to limit construction personnel and equipment necessary to complete the tasks in order to minimize noise impacts. In addition, Lykens said Williams will notify FERC’s Compliance Monitors and the appropriate townships prior to beginning any overnight construction.

The Atlantic Sunrise pipeline project includes the following:

  • Approximately 183 miles of new greenfield pipe (Central Penn North & Central Penn South)
  • Two pipeline loops totaling about 12 miles (Chapman Loop, Unity Loop)
    Two and half miles of existing pipeline replacement
  • Two new compressor facilities in Pennsylvania
  • Other facility additions or modifications in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina

Once finished, the project will add 1.7 million Dth/d of pipeline capacity to Williams’ Transco system, and is expected to be placed in service in 2018.

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