FERC OKs Line WB2VA Requests

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FERC has approved TransCanada’s request to use a workspace at the Harrisonburg Main Line Valve in Rockingham County, Virginia, and an access road and an associated workspace at the Lydia Launcher Site in Greene County, Virginia, for construction of the Line WB2VA Integrity Project.

The Line WB2VA Integrity Project involves modifying portions of the existing WB2VA line to facilitate the use of the smart pig inline inspection technology. This technology will permit TransCanada to obtain more complete and thorough information concerning the condition of the pipeline, including the detection of corrosion, cracks, laminations, deformations or other defects. The project includes the installation of various pieces of auxiliary equipment, including launchers and receivers, replacement of existing mainline valves, replacement of an existing dual pipe river crossing, and replacement of short sections of existing pipeline within or proximate to existing compressor stations, to create a common diameter pipeline from beginning to end that can be internally inspected using smart pigs.

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