FERC OKs Partial Start of REX East-to-West Expansion Project

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As part of Rockies Express Pipeline LLC’s East-to-West Expansion Project, FERC has approved the company’s request to commence service of the Washington Court House Compressor Station in Fayette County, Ohio, the Columbus and St. Paul Compressor Stations in Pickaway County, Ohio, and Decatur County, Indiana, respectively, and the additional compressor units at the Chandlersville Compressor Station in Muskingum County, Ohio.

The requests were found to be in compliance with Environmental Condition 10 of FERC’s February 15, 2016 Order Issuing Certificate. Based on Rockies Express Pipeline LLC’s in-service requests and an in-service inspection conducted by FERC officials on November 16, 2016, rehabilitation and stabilization of these compressor stations is proceeding satisfactorily.

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