FERC OK’s Pipeline Abandonment Activities

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FERC has approved Southern Star Central Gas Pipeline, Inc.’s request to commence abandonment activities for the Shidler Line Abandonment Project in Osage County, Oklahoma.

The Shidler Line Abandoment Project consists of the abandonment of about 31.2 miles of 16-inch-diameter pipeline and appurtenant facilities of the Shidler Line in Osage County, Oklahoma. The abandonment will require cutting and capping of the pipeline just east of the Shidler Town Border and slightly west of the Bowring Meter Station. The pipeline will be cut, capped, and abandoned in place by filling the pipe with grout at two improved road crossings and all associated aboveground facilities will also be removed, including two mainline valve settings, three domestic taps, four rectifiers, 14 cathodic protection test stations, and the pipeline markers. The remainder of pipeline facilities will be abandoned in place.

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