FERC OKs Placing Northern Supply Access Project Facilities in Service

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FERC has approved Texas Gas Transmission, LLC’s request to place the following Northern Supply Access Project facilities into service:

  • One Solar Mars 100 compressor unit and associated auxiliary buildings and facilities at the new Crosby Compressor Station in Hamilton County, Ohio
  • Yard and station piping and various valves, fittings, and other auxiliary facilities at the Bastrop Compressor Station in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana; Covington Compressor Station in Tipton County, Tennessee; Slaughters Compressor Station in Webster County, Kentucky; Hardinsburg Compressor Station in Breckinridge County, Kentucky; Jeffersontown Compressor Station in Jefferson County, Kentucky; and Leesville Compressor Station in Lawrence County, Indiana

The Northern Supply Access Project will consist of the construction of a new compressor station in Hamilton County, Ohio, installation of gas cooling facilities at an existing compressor station in Dearborn County, Indiana, installation of a new gas turbine compressor and classification of certain reciprocating compressors as operational spares at an existing compressor station in Morehouse Parish, Louisiana, and modification of yard and station piping at seven existing compressor stations located in Lawrence County, Indiana, Jefferson County, Kentucky, Breckinridge County, Kentucky, Webster County, Kentucky, Tipton County, Tennessee, Coahoma County, Mississippi, and Morehouse Parish, Louisiana.

The Northern Supply Access Project is expected to be in service in April 2017.