FERC OK’s Placing Pipeline Construction Project in Service

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FERC has approved Paulsboro Natural Gas Pipeline Company, LLC’s request to place its Delaware River Pipeline Relocation Project into service.

According to Rich McGuire, Director, Division of Gas – Environment and Engineering with FERC, the company has adequately stabilized the construction workspace within and around the pipeline relocation, and restoration is proceeding satisfactorily.

The Delaware River Pipeline Relocation Project included the following:

  • Removal of approximately 425-feet of existing pipeline west of the Delaware River shipping channel
  • Removal of 4,179-feet of existing pipeline near Philadelphia International Airport
  • Abandonment in place of approximately 8,153-feet of 6- and 8-inch-diameter pipeline
  • Construction of 2.6 miles of a new 12- and 24-inch-diameter pipeline adjacent to the abandoned line, of that, 8,550-feet was installed using the horizontal directional drill method under the Delaware River
  • Installation of a new pig launcher at an existing metering site in Delaware County, Pennsylvania
  • Modification of an existing PRC connection to include new block valves, check valves, and reducers in Gloucester County, New Jersey
  • Construction of a new PRC tie-in facility to include a pig receiver, block valves, and a reducer in Gloucester County, New Jersey
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